Busy Year Ahead for Project Ethiopia

Work is well underway to bring new schools, safe water, dry homes, better sanitation, and farming support to communities throughout the Dangla area. As we speak, materials are being moved to new school construction sites, toilet pans and well pumps are being ordered, and farmers are receiving support items such as beehives, milk churns, and seeds.

With the generous support of our donors and the vision and dedication of Awoke, Workineh and the Project Ethiopia team, 2018 will be one of our busiest years yet! In the coming months, our work will focus on the following:

  • School buildings (a total of 8 classrooms) in two new communities.
  • Two hand pump water wells at schools with no source of clean water.
  • Three composting latrines at schools lacking proper sanitation facilities.
  • Metal roofing for 120 of the neediest families whose homes currently have grass roofs.
  • Family composting latrines for 170 families
  • Interior painting for 500 homes to support effective lighting from solar lanterns.
  • 100 Farmers’ Associations members from two new communities.
  • University Transition Award packages for 60 aspiring high school graduates.
    School uniforms for 420 students at Dimsa School.

We look forward to keeping you updated throughout the year!

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