An Evening to Support Rural Communities

Thank you to our guests, donors, and sponsors for another successful Empowering Villagers, Transforming Lives fundraising dinner in April! We are excited to report that we raised $51,000 for community-led projects which will include:

  • Two new four-classroom buildings in the communities of Zagray-Zubra and Wondefay.
  • Metal roofing for 90 of the poorest households including widows, seniors, and the disabled.
  • Two new Farmers’ Associations bringing together 100 farmer-leaders who will pass along new skills and knowledge to others in their communities.
  • University Transition Awards for 80 high school graduates to support cultural adjustment from rural village to city.

When we work together, when we listen, and when we spread hope, communities and families thrive. Thank you for helping to make that possible for so many, now and for generations to come!

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