Healthy Homes


We address the dangers and health hazards of kerosene lamps and provide valuable hours of additional light so families are healthier, students can succeed, social bonds are strengthened, and farmers can get valuable market information.

In nearly all the villages served by Project Ethiopia there is no access to an electrical grid. Families must rely on dangerous and costly kerosene lamps that generate toxic fumes and pose significant health risks such as lung and eye diseases.

Solar-powered lanterns, on the other hand, provide twice as much light as kerosene lamps and have an immediate impact on family health and community well-being. Once in place the lantern costs very little to operate, making it an efficient and renewable source of energy.

Solar lanterns = extra hours of light
to complete school work and student success

Solar lanterns = more time for families
to linger and socialize in the evening

Our lanterns also have the capacity to serve as a charging device for cell phones. In the rural areas in Dangla as in many other areas of the developing world, communications technology has bypassed fixed land lines in favor of cell phones. This added feature creates improvements and opportunities in the areas of health, agriculture, and education. Farmers can plan their future marketing by phone cutting out the middle-men who encourage selling crops at harvest time when prices are low.

At a Glance

786 solar lanterns distributed

600 main rooms smoothed and painted

4,000 family members benefitting from clean lighting and cell phone chargers

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“Before the interior painting, when some educated people or special guests came to our home we felt ashamed to invite them to enter our home, but now we are eager to show our home to special guests.”

– Tara village resident

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