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Primary school construction and improvement
We build primary schools that create an educational pathway for rural children. Our focus on primary schools (grades 1 – 8) in the Dangla area means rural students who previously did not have access to school through 8th grade can now continue on to high school and even beyond.

Clean Water and Sanitation
We address health issues affecting school attendance and success for rural children by installing school wells and composting latrine systems. Our projects help combat water-borne illness, prevent the spread of disease, and promote good hygiene. Children are sick less often and able to attend school regularly.

University Transition Awards
We support aspiring young adults to reach their goal of a university education. An investment in the education and future of these young leaders, is also an investment in the health and well-being of the entire region.


Metal Roofing
We facilitate housing improvements that result in healthier living environments for the neediest families in the community and positive health outcomes. Metal roofing results in dry homes, more hygienic living conditions, and fewer illnesses.

Solar Lanterns
We address the dangers and health hazards of kerosene lamps and provide valuable hours of additional light so families are healthier, students can succeed, and social bonds are strengthened.

Clean Water and Sanitation
We create access to clean water and improved sanitation through village wells and family composting latrines. Just as Project Ethiopia works to bring clean water to our school projects, village well systems are an equally important way to combat disease and increase life expectancy.


Farmers’ Associations
We bring farmers together to learn new ideas, address challenges, and share their collective knowledge. With new skills and knowledge, farmers lower their costs and increase crop yield, lifting families out of poverty and malnutrition.

We provide low-interest microloans to individuals who cannot access other sources of credit. Providing support for those who have been unable to participate in the financial system helps lift entrepreneurs, especially women and their families, out of poverty.


Our work to help create opportunities for families and communities in rural Ethiopia is only possible because of YOU. Learn about the different ways you can partner with Project Ethiopia, connect with others, and make a difference. Join us today!



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