Access to Education


An investment in the education and future of these young adults is also investment in the health and well-being of their families and communities.

Imagine a child that overcomes numerous challenges to attend primary school and ultimately high school, passing a number of entrance exams along the way, only to be denied the opportunity of a university education because her family cannot afford the items needed to make the journey from village to city.

Project Ethiopia helps the highest scoring students through our University Transition Awards program. Each year we provide a support package valued at $200 to 50 aspiring young adults who have successfully passed the university entrance exam; the top 20 highest scoring girls, the top 20 highest scoring boys, and 10 students who have passed the exam and have special needs.

At a community ceremony held each year in Dangla town, Project Ethiopia distributes a carefully selected package of items that will help support cultural adjustment from rural village to large city:

  • sturdy suitcase and book bag
  • bedding, pajamas, and a blanket
  • toiletries
  • round-trip bus ticket
  • basic cell phone and minutes card
  • shoes and an additional set of clothing

At a Glance

288 award recipients

88 university graduates

200 on track to graduate

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