Workineh’s Support of Local Farmers

Agriculture plays an important role in the life and livelihood of most Ethiopians, where about 12 million smallholder farming households account for an estimated 95% of agricultural production and 85% of employment.  This makes it even more impressive that Workineh Genetu, Project Ethiopia’s leader of its Farmers’ Association program, has been named Ethiopia’s Farmer of the Year four separate times.

A Typical School Day in Rural Ethiopia

School is just around the corner for students in Ethiopia! As families prepare for the return to school (or may have already started) in the U.S., we would like to share the story of one family in Ethiopia who is doing the same and how a typical school day looks for the children.

The Gift of Clean Water – Shega’s Story

Meet Shega. Shega was born in the community of East Zelessa in the Dangla countryside. After completing the highest level – 6th grade – at the community primary school, Shega’s parents sent her to live with her elder sister in Wollega (located in southwest Ethiopia) to continue her education. With the small salary she earned working in a hotel, Shega’s sister could support both of them. Soon after she arrived, however, her sister became ill. For the next several months, Shega delayed her education and focused on caring for her sister.

Life-Changing Microloans – Assaye and Amarech

Assaye and Amarech live in the Dengeshta community and have been married for 35 years, but their families have lived only 2 km from one another all their lives. When they were first married, Assaye and Amarech lived with Assaye’s family. After four years, the couple received one hectare farmland (approximately 2.5 acres) from Assaye’s parents who also built them a tikul (the traditional grass roofed home in the countryside) to start their own family.

University Transition Awards – Abaynesh’s Story

For Abaynesh and thousands of students like her throughout Ethiopia, 12th grade was supposed to be a year filled with preparing for graduation and studying for the national university entrance exam. Instead, it was cut short when schools were abruptly closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19 and students were told to return to their villages without knowing how they would finish the school year.

The Power of Community to Change a Life

Tiru, age 78, lives in the Wufta Dati community located 20 km north of Dangla town. When Project Ethiopia began working in her area this year, she was one of 37 homes to receive iron roofing intended to create a dry, healthy living environment for those with no other means to afford such an improvement. Her new home would not have been possible, however, if it weren’t for the generosity and support of her community.

Beekeeping Fuels Economic Empowerment in Dangla

The practice and art of beekeeping has been a longstanding staple in the history of Ethiopia’s economic development. A global leader in the development of beeswax and honey, Ethiopia possesses the 5th most beehives of any country in the world, after only India, China, Turkey and Iran.

Building Schools and Opportunity for Rural Students

Imagine you live in a remote rural area and the nearby school only serves students through grade 4. For your children to attend beyond grade 4, they must walk to a neighboring village, perhaps more than 3 miles away.

Microloans Pave the Way for Economic Resilience

What would a small business or budding entrepreneur be able to do with a loan of $300 in the U.S.? Likely not very much. However, in rural Ethiopia, a loan this size can make a very significant difference in the life and livelihood of the loan recipient and their family.

Micro Loans – Lending to One to Benefit Many

Independence is something all humans crave. We all desire the power to make our own decisions, provide for our family, and be financially independent. When we have these things, it instills confidence, security, and joy in us. For many parts of the world a microloan is the start to independence.


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